To be dropped by Inglis or not to be dropped by Inglis. That is the question.

Often referees can ruin a game of football. They give the poor pea in the whistle heart failure, with over use.

Many people are saying there was a refereeing blunder in last night’s State of Origin game, awarding Greg Inglis a try, late in the game, leading to their victory.

Fans from Manly, dressed in thongs and t-shirts, to Penrith fans dressed in uggies and trackies and over to the Eastern Suburbs where fans were sipping bottled European beer, were crying blue murder that Inglis knocked the ball on and it should have been a no try and a 20m restart to New South Wales.

Was it a controversial ruling? No.

While New South Welshmen and women screamed black and blue that the ball was dropped, it was really a black and white decision- the ball wasn’t dropped. Inglis clearly had control of the ball and at no point did he drop the ball on his own. The ball was dislodged by a desperate Robbie Farah, in a spectacular play, which in most circumstances would have saved a try. However, Inglis is a spectacular player. He saw the ball come loose and scrambled to be the first to ground the ball. As he had not dropped the ball, the play was still live and the video referee had every right to hit the button, which broke the hearts of a state and display the word TRY, highlighted in green.

The Michael Jennings spell in the sin bin for 10 minutes has also caused uproar all throughout New South Wales. Again, I think the referees got this call spot on. Jennings ran like a wolf to join the pack and connected very cleanly with Brent Tate’s head. He almost needed a drink of water from Ron Palmer, to rehydrate himself, he ran from such a distance to join the fight and the referee had no choice but to send him to the sheds for a brief breather.

The final controversial decision involved penalising Greg Bird for a dangerous tackle, late in the first half, which ultimately led to a Maroons try. This decision was completely incorrect. It was a ball and all tackle which put the player on his back, not on his head and the whistle shouldn’t have been blown.

A stunning game wasn’t decided by the men with the whistle, but by the brilliance of QLD.

While Mal’s men did it again, the Blue’s now find themselves in a Sticky situation.


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