Has anyone seriously not made a derogatory remark about another person?

I would find it hard to believe if any person can honestly say they haven’t. Mother Teresa might be an exception.

Whether you call someone a wog, a westie, a bogan, or an ape it is still a derogatory term and has the same effect. Australia might be a racist country but so are most.

I don’t get let into bars in Spain due to the colour of my skin, for example. (Let’s cast aside the numerous schooners consumed before causing my glassy eyes). 

Does it affect me? Not at all, I just feel sorry for the ignorance of people who think that a person’s skin colour defines them. 

Did a 13 year old girl really offend a Browlow medallist and dual premiership winning player? Only he can answer that.

I referee park Rugby League and cop racism almost every weekend. Sometimes it’s from the players such as being called a “black prick” but mostly from spectators being exceptionally witty saying “no ball” in relation to the Sri Lankan spinner, Murali or yelling out “Harbhajan” in reference to the Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. Another gem I once heard was “have some weet bix with your curry” . (Not sure that would be that tasty but happy to try it. I’ve eaten scorpion, puffin and petrified shark and nothing can be as bad as that!) .

Fortunately for me I just laugh it off and make a third umpire movement with my hands which the offending parties laugh at and then it’s all over. I don’t get upset I genuinely feel for these people that they have to stoop so low with their remarks.

Are these people who make these comments to me racist? In my opinion no. They don’t hate me and they wouldn’t choose not to have a beer with me after the game because of my complexion. I’m sure they’d even buy me a VB rather than a Kingfisher too. 

Is Eddie a racist – i have no idea but I would assume not and I would also assume he is friends with Adam Goodes. He made a terrible mistake but unless everyone else is perfect I believe he should be forgiven by the public.

Whether or not Goodes forgives him is a private matter. If this ape talk has changed people’s views on people who aren’t Anglo-saxon, great. Only time will tell if it filters down to the grass roots of sport. I hope it does. 

This may be good for people of my skin colour but I still feel for people of other ethnicities who I have no doubt will still be called wogs or other pathetic names.


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