Australian sport may have its problems.

The fact that we can’t win on the international circuit is the least of our concerns.

There are constant alleged bashings of women, sexual misconduct, too much alcohol and rumours of performance enhancing or recreational drugs. 

All of the above are less appropriate than Michael Jackson holding a baby over a balcony. 

However recent events in the US of behaviour of players has made our athletes look like Saints. 

Boozy nights and sexting now look like child’s play compared to murder.

New England Patriots star, Aaron Hernandez is facing a long time in jail for murder. He is one of the most decorated players in the NFL and now it appears as if he will be decorated in a jail uniform. 

Why do these sports people behave like this? They have money, fame, glory, cars, houses, free clothes and designer sunglasses thrown at them. They often eat for free at any restaurant or get free coffee simply for a tweet in return. 

They have everything most people in the world would want. Maybe they just get bored so they kill people. 

Call me boring, but when I get bored I use google, hit some golf balls or go and see an Owen Wilson movie. Sometimes I even jay walk or litter or swear or text on the phone while I’m driving. The latter is unacceptable and illegal but that is the extent of my poor behaviour.

I haven’t thought about bashing someone (admittedly my 60kg frame wouldn’t pack much of a punch), driving while drunk and never have I even entertained the thought of killing a man.

Australian sport is in tatters with discipline across all matters. However we can thank our lucky kangaroos and emus that no one has really crossed the line of no return.


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