Come on down… Australian golf! There is no slice because the price is definitely right. 

As they say on golf courses all over the world… Fooouurrr!  

Watch out. Golf in Australia is back!  

2013 has been Australia’s best year in golf in a long time.  

Adam Scott and Jason Day have headlined the return, which is almost Back to the Future like. As Doc would say, “Great Scott!”

Michael J Fox only ever wore puffer jackets on his skateboard, hover board and horses, but Scott has worn green and yellow jackets this year. Quite fitting for an Aussie really. Scott has had a Stella Artios year and let’s hope his wardrobe is big enough to fit in a few more jackets.  

The Armani and Boss jackets he no doubt already has will take second fiddle to his multi coloured jackets.  

Jason’s day will definitely come soon too and he was in the race to win the US Masters as well, demonstrating there is finally depth in Australian golf. While no one remembers the bridesmaids (just ask Daniel Kowalski and Stuart MacGill), three runners up finishes in majors over the last two years, proves that he isn’t far away. 

He’s still only in his mid 20’s and will be on the golf course for a long time to come. 

Together with these two recognised stars, Brady Watt, who was a former world number 1 amateur, is turning pro this weekend. Let’s hope we don’t say “Watt was his name?” in a few years, he can become as successful as another Brady, Tom Brady and he can make an impact on the golfing world. 

While people at the ages of Watt and Day normally refer to the dance floor as something sticky, covered in spilt snakebites, which you normally only hit after you’ve had numerous schooners, these two young men have shown incredible dedication in their sport and the dance floor for them is when the ball hits the green. 

Golf is one of the most fashionable sports too, where players make Joseph and his technicoloured dream coat jealous. Fred Astaire shoes, fat and skinny belts and white pants which are normally only seen in St Tropez. I played on the weekend and one of the players in my group was wearing red pants and a lime green shirt, showing the fashion of golf is flowing through to the local level. Ok, that was me, so bad example. 

Geoff Ogilvy isn’t known for his outlandish dress sense, but he won a major not so long ago too. While he isn’t ranked in the top 100 at the moment, he can strike a ball better than most English cricketers. Australia has 5 players in the top 100 currently and the success of Adam Scott and Jason Day will surely drive more Aussies back into the list which is more reputable than Triple J’s Australia Day, Hottest 100.

 Golf in this country is back.


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