Sport comes in traditional senses and then there are non traditional sports.

These sports are more often than not totally extreme and visually spectacular.

I’ve been to three Olympic Games, seen the Super Bowl, countless NRL and AFL Grand Finals, World Cup Soccer Qualifiers, Ashes Test Matches, some of the biggest horse racing meets in the world, V8 Supercar races and Grand Slam tennis finals. These are all amazing events, but in terms of pure visuals, I honestly don’t think they compare to extreme sports.

I captured this video, click this link, of someone (I don’t know if it’s a male or female) flying through the air. The person in question seemed to be using water at an extreme pressure to launch himself or herself, into the air and then back down again, like Astro Boy.

I have since learnt it’s called a JetLev-Flyer Water Jet Pack.

Here are two other short videos which I think are possibly the most visually stunning things I have ever seen in sport. They make scoring tries or touchdowns, kicking goals, throwing punches, hitting balls or running quickly, look easy!

The first is Lewis Crathern, kite surfing 100 feet in the air over Brighton Pier in England.

This next one happened on New Year’s Eve 2008/09 and still stuns me. It’s Robbie Maddison’s famous jump. If you haven’t seen it, it’s breathtaking, scary, mind blowing and just insane!

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