This is one of the most open NRL Competitions in a long time. Teams which are meant to be good are still finding their feet. Teams which are meant to be hopeless are playing great footy. It’s confusing. Who knows where the black box of success is for a number of teams. One thing is for sure, the blue print for success won’t be found in the Sutherland Shire. 
Here are this week’s power rankings:

16. Cronulla- No Gallen. No sponsors. Off field dramas still. They have as many wins as trophies in their cabinet. They still have some big guns to come back, but no team has started 0-4 and won a premiership since 1933. That was the Newtown Jets and we know what happened to them. 

15. South Sydney – Is there inhouse fighting? Who knows what’s going on, but there’s a lack of defence and a lack of tries being scored. This team is a shadow of the team from last year. Maybe they need George Piggins to save them again?
14. Newcastle- Notched up their first win of the season on the back of raw emotion and the team playing for Alex McKinnon. To score 30 points and keep the opposition scoreless is normally a great step, but it was against the Sharks and they can’t even get past the bouncer at Northies at the moment.
13. North Queensland- Snakes on a Plane was once a bad movie and the snake at the ground last night had more venom than the Cowboys. 
12. Gold Coast- This team has the basic ingredients to be a decent team. Everyone knows the basic ingredients of a spag bol and people still mess it up. Add a bit more parmesan and some extra chilli and the Titans will be ok.
11. Parramatta- What a win against their neighbours! Consistency will be the key as they approach round 5. I think the team was threatened with mormon classes if they lost. 
10. West Tigers- The baby Tigers are doing just what I thought they would. They are hot one minute, Luke (Brooks) warm the next and then cold. 
9. Sydney Roosters- There’s too much class in this team to be this low on the power rankings. They’ll be crowing again soon. They just need to cut out one session at Alimentari Cafe and leave the soy latte’s behind. A loss to Manly isn’t the worst thing in the world. 
8. Penrith- A huge wake up call this week. This team was going along nicely and the new combo’s looked like a large Big Mac meal, they seemed so old hat and to be working so well. Even the happy meal didn’t look so good after a hiding from Parra.
7. New Zealand- Vodafone might not work in most areas, but the Vodafone Warriors certainly have some reception at the moment. 
6. Canberra- You can say South’s were woeful on the weekend, but Canberra were brilliant. Basic football together with flair. Almost looked like shades of Ricky Stuart’s Green Machine.
5. Melbourne- The storm came and it wiped Melbourne out. They’d been lucky for a few weeks and there was no Houdini escape this time. 
4. Canterbury- Where did this performance come from? The bite is back and the poodles have gone back to Bulldogs. A stunning display. Who needs Andrew Fifita?
3. St George- First loss of the season. Disappointing performance, but they didn’t play that poorly. They huffed and puffed, but just couldn’t blow the house in.
2. Brisbane- Beautiful one day, Perfect the next. The Broncos are looking magic. Their seventh straight win over the Dragons. 
1. Manly- Guts and glory. This Manly team knows how to win a game. Grand Final replay and I think it will be just one of a few times these teams clash before they fight it out again in October.




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