Tipping a winner is hard in any sport and it’s getting harder in NRL!

I thought the March Madness college basketball concept where you need to tip all the winners was impossible- I think this year’s NRL comp is the next level. It’s harder than trying to get into a bar in Kings Cross after lock out now.

If anyone picked a perfect round last week, let me know, because you are a genius.
Here are this week’s power rankings and there’s been a lot of changes. As the comp settles down I can’t see moves like this week happening again.
16. Newcastle (Down 2)- The emotion of #riseforalex has worn off and they were exceptionally disappointing last night. Super coach Bennett has been Knighted up in Newcastle, and let’s hope he can work his magic on this team, which everyone wants to see perform. 
15. Cronulla (Up 1)- Well, they’re off the canvas with their first win. A stunning return to form. They were horrible a week ago and then played out of their skin to score 37 points. Could this be the start of things to come…they’re the Sharks, so you never really know.
14. North Queensland (Down 1)- Finally they showed what they can do. This team has more talent than the old favourite ‘Young Talent Time‘ and I expect more performances like this. Johnny Young isn’t steering this team around, Johnny Thurston is. Pretty sure he’s never been called Johnny before. 
13. New Zealand (Down 6)- Hopeless. Pathetic. Woeful. Their showing against the Sharks was worse than that movie ‘Falling Down’. And they certainly fell. Chumbawamba once wrote “I get knocked down, but I get up again” and I wonder if the Warriors can get back up after their inept display.  12. Souths (Up 3)- Burgess and Co with the lot. Like a good suburban hamburger, they had it all last week. Have they turned the corner? Time will tell.
11. Canberra (Down 4)- The Raiders should be used to horrible conditions and they didn’t adapt in the rain. The free flowing footy from one week ago disappeared. A tight loss, but in a comp this close, you need to win these games.
10. Melbourne (Down 5)- What has happened to this team? Time to start buying boats for players again and putting some cash in brown paper bags.
9. Roosters- Not playing well. Not playing badly. They’re like Charlie Sheen on Anger Management. You don’t love him or hate him, he’s just not the same as he was on Two and a Half Men. They’ve lost two weeks in a row to good teams. 
8. West Tigers(Up 2)- 16,000 brave fans sat in the rain and watched the Tigers maul Manly. The marshall’s were called in to look after the ground, but there was no marshall called Benji.
7. Parramatta (Up 4)- The Roxy nightclub at Parramatta will be going off as this team continues to play decent footy. Sandow’s cashed in his big pay cheque at the pokies and is starting to perform. Could the Eels have an answer at halfback, finally?
6. St George (Down 3)- The slide is on. Started well. Lost it against the Broncos and then were belted last week. Baseball was played at the SCG recently and the Dragons had nothing on the bases and were struck out well and truly.
5. Manly (Down 4)- I don’t know if they had jetlag travelling to the Inner West, but something was wrong. Maybe they’ve been taking too many selfies at Wharf Bar. 4. Penrith (Up 4)- “Deal or no Deal”. This team is the real deal. 
3. Gold Coast (Up 6)- Did they just beat Melbourne? They certainly did. They’re grinding out wins like a barista does with coffee. It’s not pretty yet and is just an espresso, but the latte’s will come soon. Another confusing team, who seems to keep on winning. Did you know they are the competition leaders??
2. Brisbane- They lost to the Eels…but the Eels aren’t too bad a team, I don’t think. I don’t really have a clue. A griffin maybe a legendary creature and coach Anthony Griffin needs some mythology to get his boys set for the local derby next week.
1. Canterbury (Up 3)- The Dogs are the best team in the competition by far at the moment. Their footy is “simply the best”. Des has got these boys over the mess of last year


    • They’re are a bit surprising at the moment to be honest, Jackie. One injury though and they’ll be with the Sharks

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