This year’s competition is more topsey ‘Turvey’ than Steve Mortimer.

It’s easier to win at the Melbourne Cup than pick a winner at the moment. If the Storm and the Dogs had lost last weekend and they probably should have, it would have been one of the lowest recorded weeks of tipping in NRL history.

Here are this week’s power rankings.

16. Cronulla (Down 1)- Manly were terrible. Sharks were just diabolical. I’m almost out of adjectives for this team.

15. North Queensland (Down 1)- Someone call 000, 911 or some other emergency number. This team is in trouble. Give them CPR because they’ve had enough R&R.

14. Canberra (Down 3)- This team is just a mystery. This team is the Bermuda Triangle. They go missing.

13. Newcastle (Up 3)- #workwithwayne You just can’t write off a team with this coach. Are they a real team yet? I’m not even sure they know.

12. Warriors (Up 1)- They had a golden opportunity to really kick start their season. Instead they were booted out of the game in the last 10 minutes. Should have won easily. Lost.

11.Sydney Roosters (Down 2)- Is this team Milli Vanilli? Are they the real deal or are they a hoax?

10. Souths (Up 2)- If they were playing the board game, Snakes and Ladders, they would definitely be going up the ladder. They are on the move, like Bubba was, on ‘moving day’ last week in the US Masters.

9. Melbourne (Up 1)- I’ve never seen this team play more ‘get out of jail cards’ in a single season. Surely they’ve used their quota up! Not playing well, but playing well enough to scrape through games- either before or after the siren.

8. St George- Illawarra (Down 2)- I don’t feel sorry for this team. You have to play to the final whistle, simple as that. They can blame the ref all they want, but no-one stopped playing. Tackle and you’ll win games.

7. Penrith (Down 3)- There have been sightings of big black cats in Penrith over the years. There haven’t been any sightings of consistent winning big black cats in Penrith for a while.

6. West Tigers (Up 2)- Like a Kinder Surprise, this team continues to surprise.

5. Parramatta (Up 2)- The ghost of Paul Cariage appears to have gone. Like the Tigers, you almost have to start believing…

4. Manly (Up 1)- They didn’t play well against their sea rivals, but you don’t have to against the Sharks and can still score 24 points. No Wolfman. No problem. So many teams would love the problem of too many quality wingers.

3. Brisbane (Down 1)- Losing a local derby is never nice. But this team is a proper team. They were beaten by the hottest team in the comp at the moment. They’re definitely not bucked, but they arent’ bucking either.

2. Canterbury (Down 1)- The great escape last week. But that’s what great teams do and this team is shaping up to be one of those teams this year.

1. Gold Coast (Up 2)- The Titans weren’t on any radars. After the Broncos victory they can’t be missed on the radar. They are here to play. They are here to win. And they are winning.



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