Some teams are coming back to the field, some are surging on. I know it’s early on still, but the Sharks are just two games away from the top 8!

Here are this weeks power rankings.

16. Cronulla- What a win. No Carney. No worries. This team proved they can win without tattoos. The Sharks win even prompted a designer in New York to bring out the below which appeared all over social media in the big apple.


15. Newcastle (Down 1)- Hung tough all game against the heavy weights of the comp so far. A great bounce back from last week, the two points evaded them like a gold medal for poor old Wilson Kipketer.

14. Canberra (Down 2)- The word ‘consistent’ mustn’t be known in Canberra, as they have none of it. Go to the dictionary fellas and try and find what it means. A shocking performance from a team with so much talent.

13. New Zealand- Um, did they beat the Storm at home? One of the best wins they’ve ever had. This ANZAC rivalry was won by the boys across the ditch in a game which would have had a similar following I’m sure, to the Collingwood V Essendon game…

12. North Queensland (Up 3)- Is this the sign the real Cowboys are about to start playing footy, finally? They need to win some more games before JT heads off for Origin duty though.

11. Melbourne- Something’s missing. The Storm need to find it fast. Losing their big 3 in a few weeks won’t help their cause. It’s time to push the panic button, because they’ll be missing more shortly.

10. Parramatta (Down 4)- Thud. Crash. Bang. That was the sound of the Eels crashing back to reality.

9. St George (Down 1)- This team peaked in March. Not a great time to peak when most premierships are won between August- October.

8. Wests Tigers (Down 3)- Meow. These baby maggies had their wings clipped and rolled over like baby pussy cats.

7. Penrith- They might claim obstruction. But they were obstructed by a Sharks team who wanted a win desperately!

6. Souths (Up 5)- What can you say. A thriller, Michael Jackson would have been proud of. No words can describe GI. Is this the man to lead them to “Glory glory to South Sydney”?


5. Roosters (Up 4)- Can you hear that click? That’s the noise of the Roosters clicking back into premiership mode gear.

4. Brisbane (Down 1)- They didn’t lose easily. It took a super human effort to beat them. Tight games are the ones you need to win though. These two points may be costly in September. If you haven’t seen the try, here it is again. If you have seen it, you can watch it over and over and over again.


3. Gold Coast (Up 1)- These are mighty Titans and possibly the best Titans to ever play in the NRL. I really don’t think people saw this coming. This was an ambush Hannibal would have been proud of.

2. Manly- Dynamite. I don’t know what Tom Waterhouse, Sporting Bet, Sports Bet, Your Bet or My Bet are saying regarding the odds, but they must be getting shorter and shorter.

1. Canterbury- There’s more grind in this team than a barista making coffee. More grunt than a Toyota Hilux and more bight than The Great Australian. They just keep on trucking on and keep on winning. Just.


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