The NBA is coming to an end, so let’s flash back to the 1998 series, between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls…and what was ultimately Michael Jordan’s last ever shot as a Bull.

In game 6 the Jazz were up by one point and with the ball, with less than 20 seconds on the clock. If they shoot a three, the game is as good as over. If they just get two points, if forces the Bulls to go for three, to try and tie the game.
But Jordan had other ideas. He stole the ball and then with 16 seconds left marched downfield, like the general he was. With 5.2 seconds remaining he drove to the basket, stopped, stepped back off his right foot and drained the two all important points to put the Bulls in the lead.
The Jazz had one last chance to steal the game, but the shot missed, the Bulls won and it was Jordan’s final shot which won the game and his final shot in the famous red singlet.
It was a fairy tale finish for the greatest basketballer ever in his beloved Chicago Bulls outfit.
Jordan has amassed 45 points for the game and the Bulls were champions!


In the 100th game of arguably the most passionate sporting series in the world, the New South Wales Blues toppled the Maroons in game one of the 2014 State of Origin. 
For people in the US it’s the equivalent of the All Star game in basketball or the Pro Bowl in NFL. But there is genuine hatred towards club teammates who you may have had a family BBQ with, two weeks before. 
For eight long years the Blues have been teased, tortured and mortified by incredible Queensland teams. 
Last night the Blues had a player in Paul Gallen, who lets be honest, last tasted victory when most of us had a glass of Penfolds Grange. He will treasure this win. The debutant halves played like it wasn’t the first ball they’d been to and the Hayne Plane definitely wasn’t plain. 
Sure Cooper Cronked his arm early, but Daly was more than good enough to put a Cherry on his Evans and combine with Thurston and guide the Queenslanders to victory. But neither of them could.
Most of the QLD players almost hit the Arthur Beetson tribute on the way out from the tunnel in one of the worst pieces of event coordination I have ever seen and then they were hit by a sea of desperate sky blue.
Let’s not worry about the injuries and impending suspensions just yet and bask in one of the finest wins from a New South Wales team, in a long time. 


Super Bowl 42 was meant to be about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They went through the regular season unbeaten and were on track to be the very first team to win 19 games in a season (the Miami Dolphins went undefeated in 1972, but that was only 17 games in total, including play offs).

Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots and Chairman and CEO of the famous cheese brand, Kraft, was already preparing his Super Bowl jingle for his new cheese range, ‘Brady’s singles helps them bones’ to celebrate his team winning.
Enter stage right, Eli Manning. 
With 1.15 left on the clock and the New York Giants trailing 10-14, Manning produced what I believe is the greatest single play in sports history.
He should have been tackled three times and it would have been all over. Patriots win and an undefeated season. But no. Manning, swivelled faster than Wayne Gretzy on ice (I guess Gretzky didn’t swivel that fast on land) and escaped in a way which would have made Andy Dufresne’s escape from prison in the Shawshank Redemption, look amateur. (Everyone has seen this escape, but it’s worth having a peek at again). Then he threw the pig skin downfield and it was caught- not in two hands, not in one hand, but on the helmet by David Tyree, for only his fourth catch of the entire year!
A few plays later, Manning threw for a touchdown and it was the New York Giants Super Bowl.
But watch this incredible play to start your Memorial Day Weekend.


Let’s be honest- I haven’t got a clue about the NRL comp this year. I know who can’t win. Newcastle and Newtown.
Here are this weeks power rankings:
16. Sharks- Anyone for Shark fin soup? It’s going cheap in the Shire.
15. Newcastle- There is no round table for the Knights to sit at. Just a losing table. King Arthur can’t save this lot.
14. Canberra- Ricky Stuart can blame the referees all he likes. Maybe if he took the log out of his own eye, lost his ego and realised his coaching techniques don’t work, his team might win.
13. St George-Illawarra- Benji certainly hasn’t lost any of his skills…from Rugby. 
12. New Zealand- The Warriors went to the Dogs this weekend.
11. Roosters (Down 8) – I’m going to call it an aberration. They might have been hungover from Beach Haus, but I’m sure the coach will have them pounding Bondi Beach this week after this disastrous performance.
10. Souths (Down 6)- What a dud performance. Origin caps on the line for the Bunnies halves and they basically said they are happy with the current cap they are wearing and they don’t want a sky blue cap. Their most disappointing effort this season.
9. Brisbane (Up 1)- This team won’t be hampered with Origin, like in previous years and they need to take advantage of this. They can’t rest on their laurels and eat mangoes and ice creams though, as they have some work to do.
8. Gold Coast (Down 3)- I said this team was the real deal. Now I’m saying they aren’t the real deal. Schoolies Week has finished, but they are playing like school kids.
7. North Queensland (Up 1)- Like the first part of their name, the Cowboys are heading North up the ladder. I don’t know if they’ve started to use a compass, but whatever they are doing all of a sudden, it’s working!
6. Wests Tigers (Up 5)- Beating the Sharks isn’t anything to crow about. It’s like taking Fosters from the hands of a homeless person. Even they’d give it up.
5. Melbourne (Up 4)- Are they the new Warriors? Hot, cold, indifferent, spectacular. Before their big three go on hols for 6 weeks, the Storm showed they are contenders and not pretenders.
4. Parramatta (Up 3)- The blue and gold army is gathering strength like Queen Daenerys, ‘Mother of Dragons’ and her army, in Game of Thrones. The Eels decimated the Dragons on the weekend.
3. Penrith (Up 3)- The quiet achievers of the comp. Watch this team. They are making less noise than Kings Cross at 2am, but they are there and making inroads.
2. Manly- David Copperfield would have been impressed with this escape. Down and out and Wharf Bar was getting set for angry fans. Two seconds on the shot clock and bam! Stunning win from a team who just doesn’t know how to give up.
1. Canterbury- It’s almost getting boring. Another weekend. Another Bulldogs win. This is how winner’s paint their car…apparently.
This image is courtesy of The Beast Magazine http://www.thebeast.com.au


With State of Origin just around the corner and more heart break in store for the Blues, I thought I’d take us back to 1994 and “that’s not a try, that’s a miracle”. 
Mark Coyne scored one of the best tries you’ll ever see in Rugby League, in the dying seconds of game 1.
With less than a buck left on the clock the ball changed hands seven times; Allan Langer- Kevin Walters- Willie Carne- Steve Renouf- Michael Hancock- Darren Smith- Mal Meninga.
The ball finally ended up in the hands of Mark Coyne who had plenty of work to do, but we all know…he got there!
Here is ‘the try’.


I think we are starting to see the real teams- Dogs, Sea Eagles, Roosters and Rabbits. There’s daylight after that.

The poor Sharks, Knights and Raiders should start planning their mad Monday, now. 

Here are this weeks power rankings:

16. Cronulla- Call me an optimist, but I just don’t think this team will collect a spoon made of wood. 

15. Newcastle- #risefornewcastle #serioustrouble #rubbishfootball
14. Canberra- Ricky Stuart might want to update his resume soon.
13. St George (Down 4)- The Price is not Right. Come on down…towards the bottom of the ladder Dragons. Have fun Benji!
12. New Zealand (Up 1)- He can’t sing like Brian McFadden, but Andrew McFadden might be able to coach and has his team singing a beautiful song at the moment.
11. Wests Tigers (Down 3)- So…what’s happened? Started out like a house on fire and now they are up in flames.
10. Brisbane (Down 6)- There’s no column on the Telstra Premiership ladder which says “played well but lost”. It just says win or loss. And the loss column is building up.
9. Storm (Up 2)- Another get out of jail card played by this team. They can’t have many left in the deck surely. 
8. North Queensland (Up 4)- They’d only won 4/20 home games against the Broncos and this was a great win over their more established neighbours. 
7. Parramatta (Up 3)- The Hayne Plane was soaring. But they only beat the gummy Sharks. Put the plane back in the hangar.
6. Penrith (Up 1)- I’ve seen and heard of treading a fine line before, but I’ve never seen treading on a player to stay in bounds and score a try. Have a look at this link to see the try, from the 1.04 minute mark. Just bizarre. 
5. Gold Coast (Down 2)- The only thing which flew well for this team last start was Greg Bird and he flew straight to the judiciary.
4. South Sydney (Up 2)- They had the midas touch, the golden touch and they scored on their first touch of the ball.
3. Roosters (Up 2)- Mitchell Pearce had his hands on everything.
2. Manly- Lost to their arch enemy. This would have been a bitter loss for the silverspooons. 
1. Canterbury- Dogs are a mans best friend and they are certainly are out in the Bankstown area. 




I’ve heard of counting your chickens before they hatch and this man certainly did!

Before this years Super Bowl, this man was obviously so confident his team would win against the Seattle Seahawks, that he got a tattoo declaring that the Denver Broncos were Super Bowl 48 Champions.

Unfortunately for this man, the Broncos lost. 

He now carries around the emotional scars of a shocking defeat and the physical scars of something which never happened.

Have you ever seen a bigger blunder for a tattoo?