People say time, effort and hard work are the best way to get your golf handicap down.
I disagree.
Simply move to the USA where the size of the hole is being enlarged. The current size of a golf hole is 10.8cm. The new hole size is going to be 38cm, the width of a pizza!
There is a worrying trend in golf that it is losing its ‘cool’ factor and appeal to young kids coming through. I’m pretty sure golf has never been cool. I might be wrong, but I think most people would find skateboarding or surfing slightly trendier than golf.
The US are currently in the process of building 100 courses with these new enlarged holes, in the hopes it will encourage young children to play golf and make it easier for them. I think these new courses are the new ones I’ll be visiting too to help improve my game!
There have been many top golfers who I am sure would have loved a slightly larger hole to help them win a major or a tournament.
In the 2009 BMW Championship, Brandt Snedeker four putted from not far. Watch if you dare- it’s horrible to watch.
In 1946, the great Ben Hogan even missed a 2 foot putt at the US Masters, on the final hole to force a play off. He did win 9 majors in the end though.
Every golfer all over the world has missed putts they shouldn’t have. Try and find an excuse if the hole is 38cm now!

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