Dave Wottle moved into American folklore with one of the greatest Olympic wins ever.
The virtually unknown athlete came to the Munich Olympics and won the men’s 800m in spectacular fashion and he was and will be forever, the only athlete to ever wear a golf cap and win an Olympic medal of a golden nature.
Wottle was told as a young boy that he needed to do some exercise, like running for example, to strengthen him up. Well he ran like Forrest Gump and he ran himself into the history books.
He was so far behind it was scary and at no point in time do you really think he can win; not dissimilar to watching the Cronulla Sharks try and win a premiership. But he did.
Wottle copped a lot of flack for wearing his golf cap during the medal ceremony. Many people thought it was in protest about something. It was simply because he was in shock about actually winning and forgot to take off his hat.
In an interview later on, Dave Wottle said this about the race, “When I was 8m back all I wanted to do was catch up to the back of the pack and make it look respectable…I’d be embarrassed to be in the one big race of my life and finish 50 yards back.”
Click on this link and watch the race yourself and let me know what you think. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Just an incredible race!

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