I think we are starting to see the real teams- Dogs, Sea Eagles, Roosters and Rabbits. There’s daylight after that.

The poor Sharks, Knights and Raiders should start planning their mad Monday, now. 

Here are this weeks power rankings:

16. Cronulla- Call me an optimist, but I just don’t think this team will collect a spoon made of wood. 

15. Newcastle- #risefornewcastle #serioustrouble #rubbishfootball
14. Canberra- Ricky Stuart might want to update his resume soon.
13. St George (Down 4)- The Price is not Right. Come on down…towards the bottom of the ladder Dragons. Have fun Benji!
12. New Zealand (Up 1)- He can’t sing like Brian McFadden, but Andrew McFadden might be able to coach and has his team singing a beautiful song at the moment.
11. Wests Tigers (Down 3)- So…what’s happened? Started out like a house on fire and now they are up in flames.
10. Brisbane (Down 6)- There’s no column on the Telstra Premiership ladder which says “played well but lost”. It just says win or loss. And the loss column is building up.
9. Storm (Up 2)- Another get out of jail card played by this team. They can’t have many left in the deck surely. 
8. North Queensland (Up 4)- They’d only won 4/20 home games against the Broncos and this was a great win over their more established neighbours. 
7. Parramatta (Up 3)- The Hayne Plane was soaring. But they only beat the gummy Sharks. Put the plane back in the hangar.
6. Penrith (Up 1)- I’ve seen and heard of treading a fine line before, but I’ve never seen treading on a player to stay in bounds and score a try. Have a look at this link to see the try, from the 1.04 minute mark. Just bizarre. 
5. Gold Coast (Down 2)- The only thing which flew well for this team last start was Greg Bird and he flew straight to the judiciary.
4. South Sydney (Up 2)- They had the midas touch, the golden touch and they scored on their first touch of the ball.
3. Roosters (Up 2)- Mitchell Pearce had his hands on everything.
2. Manly- Lost to their arch enemy. This would have been a bitter loss for the silverspooons. 
1. Canterbury- Dogs are a mans best friend and they are certainly are out in the Bankstown area. 



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