Let’s be honest- I haven’t got a clue about the NRL comp this year. I know who can’t win. Newcastle and Newtown.
Here are this weeks power rankings:
16. Sharks- Anyone for Shark fin soup? It’s going cheap in the Shire.
15. Newcastle- There is no round table for the Knights to sit at. Just a losing table. King Arthur can’t save this lot.
14. Canberra- Ricky Stuart can blame the referees all he likes. Maybe if he took the log out of his own eye, lost his ego and realised his coaching techniques don’t work, his team might win.
13. St George-Illawarra- Benji certainly hasn’t lost any of his skills…from Rugby. 
12. New Zealand- The Warriors went to the Dogs this weekend.
11. Roosters (Down 8) – I’m going to call it an aberration. They might have been hungover from Beach Haus, but I’m sure the coach will have them pounding Bondi Beach this week after this disastrous performance.
10. Souths (Down 6)- What a dud performance. Origin caps on the line for the Bunnies halves and they basically said they are happy with the current cap they are wearing and they don’t want a sky blue cap. Their most disappointing effort this season.
9. Brisbane (Up 1)- This team won’t be hampered with Origin, like in previous years and they need to take advantage of this. They can’t rest on their laurels and eat mangoes and ice creams though, as they have some work to do.
8. Gold Coast (Down 3)- I said this team was the real deal. Now I’m saying they aren’t the real deal. Schoolies Week has finished, but they are playing like school kids.
7. North Queensland (Up 1)- Like the first part of their name, the Cowboys are heading North up the ladder. I don’t know if they’ve started to use a compass, but whatever they are doing all of a sudden, it’s working!
6. Wests Tigers (Up 5)- Beating the Sharks isn’t anything to crow about. It’s like taking Fosters from the hands of a homeless person. Even they’d give it up.
5. Melbourne (Up 4)- Are they the new Warriors? Hot, cold, indifferent, spectacular. Before their big three go on hols for 6 weeks, the Storm showed they are contenders and not pretenders.
4. Parramatta (Up 3)- The blue and gold army is gathering strength like Queen Daenerys, ‘Mother of Dragons’ and her army, in Game of Thrones. The Eels decimated the Dragons on the weekend.
3. Penrith (Up 3)- The quiet achievers of the comp. Watch this team. They are making less noise than Kings Cross at 2am, but they are there and making inroads.
2. Manly- David Copperfield would have been impressed with this escape. Down and out and Wharf Bar was getting set for angry fans. Two seconds on the shot clock and bam! Stunning win from a team who just doesn’t know how to give up.
1. Canterbury- It’s almost getting boring. Another weekend. Another Bulldogs win. This is how winner’s paint their car…apparently.
This image is courtesy of The Beast Magazine

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