Super Bowl 42 was meant to be about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They went through the regular season unbeaten and were on track to be the very first team to win 19 games in a season (the Miami Dolphins went undefeated in 1972, but that was only 17 games in total, including play offs).

Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots and Chairman and CEO of the famous cheese brand, Kraft, was already preparing his Super Bowl jingle for his new cheese range, ‘Brady’s singles helps them bones’ to celebrate his team winning.
Enter stage right, Eli Manning. 
With 1.15 left on the clock and the New York Giants trailing 10-14, Manning produced what I believe is the greatest single play in sports history.
He should have been tackled three times and it would have been all over. Patriots win and an undefeated season. But no. Manning, swivelled faster than Wayne Gretzy on ice (I guess Gretzky didn’t swivel that fast on land) and escaped in a way which would have made Andy Dufresne’s escape from prison in the Shawshank Redemption, look amateur. (Everyone has seen this escape, but it’s worth having a peek at again). Then he threw the pig skin downfield and it was caught- not in two hands, not in one hand, but on the helmet by David Tyree, for only his fourth catch of the entire year!
A few plays later, Manning threw for a touchdown and it was the New York Giants Super Bowl.
But watch this incredible play to start your Memorial Day Weekend.

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