In the 100th game of arguably the most passionate sporting series in the world, the New South Wales Blues toppled the Maroons in game one of the 2014 State of Origin. 
For people in the US it’s the equivalent of the All Star game in basketball or the Pro Bowl in NFL. But there is genuine hatred towards club teammates who you may have had a family BBQ with, two weeks before. 
For eight long years the Blues have been teased, tortured and mortified by incredible Queensland teams. 
Last night the Blues had a player in Paul Gallen, who lets be honest, last tasted victory when most of us had a glass of Penfolds Grange. He will treasure this win. The debutant halves played like it wasn’t the first ball they’d been to and the Hayne Plane definitely wasn’t plain. 
Sure Cooper Cronked his arm early, but Daly was more than good enough to put a Cherry on his Evans and combine with Thurston and guide the Queenslanders to victory. But neither of them could.
Most of the QLD players almost hit the Arthur Beetson tribute on the way out from the tunnel in one of the worst pieces of event coordination I have ever seen and then they were hit by a sea of desperate sky blue.
Let’s not worry about the injuries and impending suspensions just yet and bask in one of the finest wins from a New South Wales team, in a long time. 

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