The NBA is coming to an end, so let’s flash back to the 1998 series, between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls…and what was ultimately Michael Jordan’s last ever shot as a Bull.

In game 6 the Jazz were up by one point and with the ball, with less than 20 seconds on the clock. If they shoot a three, the game is as good as over. If they just get two points, if forces the Bulls to go for three, to try and tie the game.
But Jordan had other ideas. He stole the ball and then with 16 seconds left marched downfield, like the general he was. With 5.2 seconds remaining he drove to the basket, stopped, stepped back off his right foot and drained the two all important points to put the Bulls in the lead.
The Jazz had one last chance to steal the game, but the shot missed, the Bulls won and it was Jordan’s final shot which won the game and his final shot in the famous red singlet.
It was a fairy tale finish for the greatest basketballer ever in his beloved Chicago Bulls outfit.
Jordan has amassed 45 points for the game and the Bulls were champions!

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