Oh dear Todd Carney! I’ve seen it all now. 
Drinking your own urine like it’s a bubbler is definitely a new low. While ‘Tebowing‘ took off all over the world with people mimicking former NFL player Tim Tebow in prayer and ‘twerking’ became big after Miley Cyres, I’m not sure ‘bubbling’ as it’s being called, will become the norm. 
I’ve been thirsty at a bar before, but a Pure Blonde or, more recently, a Budweiser, has quenched my thirst. I’ve even been known to drink water, lemon lime and bitters and even once had a coffee at a pub (but keep that quiet). 
Never have I been so thirsty that I thought I’d love to taste my own urine. 
Jason Taylor once urinated in a cup at the cricket and threw it over people, which didn’t go well for his career. Carney once urinated on another person. At least this time he didn’t hurt anyone else. He just hurt his bank balance, his time at the Sharks and more than likely his playing career. 
Todd Carney is a terribly gifted athlete and he now needs support from family, friends, colleagues and the NRL, more than ever. I hope people are there for him, because I can only imagine the dark place he is in now. 
I wish Todd Carney all the best in his recovery and feel very sorry for him. 


The Cronulla Sharks have made history.

No, they haven’t won a Premiership, good guess though.

They have become the first team in NRL history to go THREE entire NRL games without scoring a single point. Pretty hard to do, but somehow the Sharks have managed to do it. Forgot about the fans, how about the poor cheergirls led by Jacqui Doran– they haven’t done a thing in weeks! No celebration dances to warm them up while that cruel Winter wind whips around Remondis Stadium. At least the cheergirls don’t have to learn any new celebration routines, as they can use the ones they learnt three weeks ago.

Surely the Sharks can kick a penalty goal or even a field goal, when they are behind by 2, like Terry Lamb infamously did?! Actually the Sharks haven’t been behind by two in a while, unless you put a 20 in front of it. Here’s Lamb’s blunder, with a minute to go as well.


Today’s real flash back is simply, the Cronulla Sharks scoring tries, because no one has seen it happen for a while! Watch Peachey and ET at their best. Some great tries!




With the World Cup Soccer well under way and England all but eliminated, I thought I’d take us back to 1966, when they actually won the World Cup.
England were the host nation and played West Germany in the final. A small crowd of only 98,000 people watched the West Germans lead early, before England’s reply only four minutes later. England then led 2-1, with just over 20 minutes remaining. But with 60 secs left, the West Germans were awarded a penalty just outside the penalty box. What looks more like a Rugby maul ensued, before the ball ended up in the back of the net and scores were level at full time.
Eight minutes into extra time Geoff Hurst from England took a shot, which hit the crossbar and bounced down onto the goal line…or NEAR the goal line! It was counted as a goal in one of the biggest controversies in World Cup history. Have a look at the video and let me know if you think it was a goal or not? I don’t think it was.
England scored one more time to make the final score 4-2.


‘California Chrome’ is trying to do what no horse has done since ‘Affirmed’ in 1978 and create history, by winning the Triple Crown, in the US.

California Chrome has been far too good for everyone else in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes and this final run in New York and the Belmont Stakes could create history and only the 12th ever Triple Crown winner.
However, I want to take you back to the Australian Cup in 2004 which is personally the greatest win I have ever seen, with the mighty mare Lonhro and Darren Beadman on board.
Lonhro was checked and boxed in and couldn’t win. But watch what Beadman does. He’s in pink. I’ve never seen a horse moved at right angles before, but it happens here.
Enjoy this flash back Friday horserace and good luck to California Chrome. I’ll be there and hope to witness history in the making!


The Stanley Cup Final is almost here. In most of the world it is called Ice Hockey, but in the US it is just called hockey.  

The NY Rangers take on the LA Kings. The Kings are without the D-Train, the man mountain Dean Uthoff and Steve Carfino, but they are still formidable.  

It will be watched from people all over the globe from America to Canada and well that’s all. 

How does the game work? Get the puck in the goal. Skate around fast. Bash someone up.  

This year the LA Kings v NY Rangers is a game no one really expected… or wanted. Not ideal if you’ve already paid for advertising space and were expecting the more fancied and glamour teams like Montreal or last year’s champions, Chicago to be there.  

Unlike any other sport in the world, in ice hockey each team is allowed one person who can actively engage in punching the other nominated fighter from the opposition. Yes that’s right – they are allowed to trade blows and the referees won’t blow a penalty.  This person is called an enforcer or a ‘goon’. Interesting names. And they do carry on like they’ve had a goonbag. 

Imagine how much Paul Gallen, Nate Myles, Wally Lewis or Mark Geyer would enjoy that?!  

The game is also unique in that it is the only game in the entire world which has neither two or four, halves or quarters. It has three periods of 20 minutes.  

For the layman here are the basic rules.  

There are six players per team. The game is stopped when the puck leaves the ice rink and like in soccer, the offensive side can’t go over halfway until the puck has cleared it. 

When play is stopped it is restarted with a ‘faceoff’. Two players opposing each other, not John Travolta and Nicholas Cage swapping faces, in case you were confused.  

There is also something called a Power Play (no relation to the Power Rangers as the Rangers are in the final). This is where one team has had a player sent off for an infringement and the other team has two minutes with a one man advantage.  

There’s lots of body checking (hitting an attacking opponent in defense, which is completely within the rules) and certain players are called ‘pests’ as they try and milk penalties- this is no different to many other sports. Apart from that, it’s a bit like ultimate fighting. There are no rules. Just do what it takes to get the rubber into the goal. Sounds a little similar to a night out on the town. I’ve often been called a pest on such occasions too. 

If scores are level it goes to sudden death with the next scorer winning. If games are still tied at the end of the first extra 20 minute period, they begin a new 20 minute period until the puck finds its way into the net. 

I’ve been known to ride a bandwagon- I was on the Wests Tigers in ’05 and the Sydney Swans in’ 05 (big year that one for me) and Makybe Diva. The only one I didn’t hope on board was the world’s most successful race horse, Black Caviar, who never lost a race and I stayed with Haylist and I’m now counting my silver medals.  

But I’m on board the LA Kings bandwagon with a vengeance and I think I’m even driving this train. Toot Toot!

Merchandise purchased, drinking LA lager, abusing the referees (although I’m one myself) and when the winning goal was scored to send the Kings to the Stanley Cup Final I proudly stated, “it had to be Martinez”, like I’d been following his career all my life and not like I’d never heard his name before.  

Will the red carpet be rolled out in Los Angeles after the best of seven series or will the Statue of Libery be turned into a Ranger? Will the babes of Baywatch raise a rescue tube in a victory salute or will Central Park be the venue for a ticker tape parade?  

Time will tell. My heart says LA and my head says, well I just have no idea for the second game ever I’m about to watch in full! 



Lucy Li, has qualified for the US Women’s Open golf and become the youngest golfer to ever qualify for this tournament. 

At 11 years of age I was hitting a mean ball at handball, collecting footy cards and I think The Simpsons had just come to our television screens, so I was watching Bart and all his antics. Actually, I didn’t grow up with a television, so that last bit is all hearsay.
I was in the 12A’s cricket and rugby team (there was only one team, but I’ll still take the honour) and I was proud of that. 
I did have braces like Li, but that’s about where the similarities end.
I definitely wasn’t competing with adults on the world stage.
It’s an incredible feat….but more incredible is, Li may still be upstaged. Alexa Pano, is a nine year old and still has one last chance to qualify for this event which runs from 19-22 June, 2014.
England’s most famous female golfer, Laura Davies, also qualified for her 26th US Women’s Open at age 50. 
Li and Pano obviously have immense talent. It’s too young though. I think they should be held back. No-one has the maturity to handle the media and pressure at this age. They will benefit from waiting and it will prolong their career. Look at Michelle Wie- she hasn’t come on as she should have. Look at Jennifer Capriati, the tennis player. She was a prodigy and her career was short lived. 
Capriati debuted at age 13. Three years later she was burnt out and took a 14 month break. She came back and ended up retiring before she was 25.
Let them enjoy their youth a bit longer. 
What do you think? Is 11 years old too young to be thrust into the world spot light?
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