The Cronulla Sharks have made history.

No, they haven’t won a Premiership, good guess though.

They have become the first team in NRL history to go THREE entire NRL games without scoring a single point. Pretty hard to do, but somehow the Sharks have managed to do it. Forgot about the fans, how about the poor cheergirls led by Jacqui Doran– they haven’t done a thing in weeks! No celebration dances to warm them up while that cruel Winter wind whips around Remondis Stadium. At least the cheergirls don’t have to learn any new celebration routines, as they can use the ones they learnt three weeks ago.

Surely the Sharks can kick a penalty goal or even a field goal, when they are behind by 2, like Terry Lamb infamously did?! Actually the Sharks haven’t been behind by two in a while, unless you put a 20 in front of it. Here’s Lamb’s blunder, with a minute to go as well.


Today’s real flash back is simply, the Cronulla Sharks scoring tries, because no one has seen it happen for a while! Watch Peachey and ET at their best. Some great tries!




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