Oh dear Todd Carney! I’ve seen it all now. 
Drinking your own urine like it’s a bubbler is definitely a new low. While ‘Tebowing‘ took off all over the world with people mimicking former NFL player Tim Tebow in prayer and ‘twerking’ became big after Miley Cyres, I’m not sure ‘bubbling’ as it’s being called, will become the norm. 
I’ve been thirsty at a bar before, but a Pure Blonde or, more recently, a Budweiser, has quenched my thirst. I’ve even been known to drink water, lemon lime and bitters and even once had a coffee at a pub (but keep that quiet). 
Never have I been so thirsty that I thought I’d love to taste my own urine. 
Jason Taylor once urinated in a cup at the cricket and threw it over people, which didn’t go well for his career. Carney once urinated on another person. At least this time he didn’t hurt anyone else. He just hurt his bank balance, his time at the Sharks and more than likely his playing career. 
Todd Carney is a terribly gifted athlete and he now needs support from family, friends, colleagues and the NRL, more than ever. I hope people are there for him, because I can only imagine the dark place he is in now. 
I wish Todd Carney all the best in his recovery and feel very sorry for him. 

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