“Prost” was said at least seven times throughout Germany as they demolished Brazil.

“Yawn” was said numerous times throughout the rest of the world apart from in Argentina and Holland as they played 120 minutes of boring, risk free, minimal shots on goal soccer.

The second semi final came down to penalty shoot outs which is just luck, really. Like going to Vegas and having a flutter at the tables or eating anything chicken in South America and hoping you don’t get sick. The keepers just have to guess which way to dive and hopefully they do it better than Greg Louganis.

The start of the penalty shoot out didn’t go well for the Dutch with the first goal being saved. The Dutch keeper chewed his gum furiously, giving Steve Waugh a run for his money with ferocity. But it didn’t help him save goals.

The third shot from the men in Orange was also saved spectacularly, basically giving the sky blue and white their golden Willy Wonka ticket into the final. It was a Krul way for Holland to go out.

While Brazil won’t be in the final, we do have a European team playing a South American team. Although the world wanted a Brazil v Argentina final, FIFA will be happy with the result.

From Buenos Aires to Berlin, there will be a nervous wait before the finale takes place at 5am (AEST) on Monday 14th July, 2014.


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