The poor NRL. They just can’t take a trick. If it’s not putting out fires, with Todd Carney’s urine, they’re wiping the slate clean, with Nate Myles’ faeces.

Now they have David ‘Wolfman’ Williams betting on games he has been playing in.

I love Rugby League. But over the last ten years, including three years working at a club, I have either witnessed personally, or heard of more stories, which would be best suited to a film director.

I don’t know if these players think they are bigger than the game. I don’t know if these players think they are celebrities. I don’t know if these players think they are invincible.

I love the fact that the NRL have suspended Williams for the rest of the season. I actually wish they would ban him for life and set a real example. NRL players aren’t celebrities. They might be well known in certain parts of the state they play in and possibly in parts of New Zealand or northern England, but there isn’t one NRL player who is a genuine celebrity.

I don’t know what is wrong with these NRL players who think they can do whatever they like and they won’t get caught or there won’t be any ramifications.

I know these problems aren’t just restricted to League and it happens all over the world, but it seems to happen far too much in Rugby League.

Do these players want to ruin a competition which has soccer and Australian Rules on their tails? $5 says they don’t.


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