The Origin series has finally finished and all players are back on deck, so it’s time for a power rankings. Things don’t appear to have changed much over the last 9 weeks.

Sharks not setting the world on fire. Top 8 completely undecided with a bunch of teams still in the hunt and no-one showing any real consistency.

The weekend just gone was simply incredible with all the public support for Rise 4 Alex. I don’t think I have ever seen the game bond as one, like I have around this tragic incident. Congratulations to the NRL.

Here are this weeks power rankings:

16. Cronulla – ASADA or try HARDA. Cronulla are in massive trouble.

15. Canberra – All they have left is to fight and make sure there isn’t a wooden spoon in the trophy cabinet soon. They could well be eating their rice bubbles with this spoon though.

14. Newcastle – One of the most inspirational days in Knights history. Such a shame Newcastle couldn’t win this one. I think everyone wanted the Knights to get this one over the line.

13. Parramatta – What’s the matta Parramatta? The year started so well. Jarryd needs to hop into his plane and start flying it better than Maverick otherwise their season is in trouble.

12. St George-Illawarra – Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? And how does your team win. And who will be the new coach?

11. Gold Coast – They were the biggest party spoilers ever, but they needed this win. Their semi finals are hanging by a thread and with all the emotion in Newcastle, I have no idea how the Titans won this, but maybe it shows they have a lot of guts.

10. Cowboys – They came to the Shire and they conquered. It was hardly like Napoleon taking over the Kremlin in winter, but they won their first game on the road, finally.

9. Wests Tigers – Young, younger, youngest. Mick Potter is coaching for his career. These young players are playing for their season and they delivered in style over one of the front runners. This could be a turning point.

8. Melbourne – It’s getting cold in Melbourne, but I have a feeling this team is just getting warm.

7. NZ – They win the games they shouldn’t and lose the games they should win. Very confusing. A bit like chicken waffles.

6. Brisbane – Players sacked for staying out after curfew. No worries. Sure Anthony Griffin will be staying out after curfew now he doesn’t have a job.

5. Roosters – If the Sharks finish last, Paul Gallen will be sitting in the ‘chook pen’. I think he’ll be there in September. SBW is still fast even when he fasts. What a freak! How do you not eat and still play well in an NRL game?

4. Souths – All I hear from Souths fans is this “if we hold the ball we’ll win the comp”. If you tackle, kick and pass as well, it will help. Let me know if you need any more of my great coaching tips.

3. Dogs – Has someone stopped feeding the dogs their pal? They played like they were malnourished and they aren’t the dominant force they were earlier in the season.

2. Penrith – These cats didn’t purr this weekend but didn’t lose too many of their ugg boot, Jim Beam drinking fans.

1. Manly – Daly Cherry dollars. Will he or won’t he stay? Who knows. Who cares. He has 12 months to work it out but right now the Sea Eagles are on top and there is almost a cherry on top as well.


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