BATTEN DOWN THE BATON- Commonwealth Games off to a delayed start

Opening Ceremonies just don’t quite seem to work.

First there was Cathy Freeman, patiently waiting in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics while mechanics all around her failed.
Now, in one of the funniest moments of Commonwealth Games history, there was an unplanned pause between proceedings.
I’m sure many of you have seen what’s happened, but in case you haven’t let me walk you through it.
Sir Chris Hoy, hands the Commonwealth Games baton to Prince Imran, the Commonwealth Games President. Prince Imran is then meant to open the top of the baton, to reveal a speech which he gives to the Queen to read out. 
Now, this baton isn’t like a normal relay baton. The top of it has been screwed on tightly. It’s not like a jam or honey top and batten down the hatches has really come into play here. This baton has travelled around 190,000 kilometres (118,000 miles), through 71 countries over 288 days. The top had to be on tightly. 
And it was. So much so that Prince Imran couldn’t get it off! Sir Chris Hoy tried to help, but it wasn’t like riding a bike.
With a big smile, the baton was finally opened and he handed the Queen her speech.
I’m sure better quality videos will emerge soon, but here is a video showing what happened!

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