I’ve been lucky to have seen some amazing sport in my time.  

From watching my primary school friend, Scott Jenson, win the inaugural ‘Hughes Cup’  Handball Championships (yes it was named after me, well Dad started it and yes it still continues to this day at Pennant Hills Primary), to 12 Grand Finals for NRL and AFL, three Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer qualifiers and of course the absolute highlight of my life, the Super Bowl.  

I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had to sacrifice too much to get to these events, apart from that painful journey to Homebush and the even more painful journey back, when you’ve had 15 schooners and Central Train Station can’t come soon enough. 

Matt Scully, Co-Founder of the true sports bible for anyone wanting to watch sport, www.sportswhereiam.com, has shared some stories with me of the lengths people go to, to watch sport in the US. This first guy really lives by ‘Dude, where’s my car’, as he sold his car to get to a game!  

We’ve all heard of bleeding for your team…well one guy did. 

Have a read of these short stories and enjoy. You can also add your own funny stories of what you would do for your team at http://sportswhereiam.com/citypride 

This first story is from Dylan Brittingham in Philadelphia. 

“Becoming an Eagles fan wasn’t an active choice I made. As a Philadelphia native it was only a matter of time before the inherent passion for the Eagles would manifest itself in the rabid fandom that all Eagles fans share for their football team. The true grit and fire of the city of Philadelphia is worn on the sleeves of every Eagles fan, and no other city’s culture is so perfectly intertwined with their football team than Philly’s.

Football was the first sport I was introduced to, at the age of 9. I can still remember not knowing too much about the sport, but just that I desperately needed the guys in green to score. From there my knowledge and love for football only skyrocketed exponentially, as stars such as Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins came and went through the gates of Veterans Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field.

If you’re looking for a story of how much I love the Eagles, you could look to the years of hope and heartbreak I’ve shared with them without giving up. But for one specific incident, I look to our Super Bowl season in 2004. I was living in Jacksonville at the time- where the Super Bowl was being hosted- and I found someone selling tickets to the game for $2,500 a piece. I sold my car and got two tickets- one for me and one for my dad, the most die-hard Eagles fan I know. My dad didn’t know I had sold my car for it, and even though we lost, I wouldn’t trade in the experience for anything.” 

This second story is by Zach Swan, from Portland. I think he was a fan of the Trail Blazers…

“This past season, the most exciting season for the Blazers since that 2000 conference finals run, I was determined to make it to a playoff game. 

It was the second round of the playoffs and I didn’t make it to a game in the first round series against the Rockets, which produced the greatest Blazers moment of my life with Lillard’s series clinching three in game six (I still haven’t forgiven myself for not making it to that game). There was no way that I was going to miss the opportunity to go to a game against the Spurs. Being the broke college student’s that we are, my roommate and I were searching for ways to be able to fund the purchase of tickets and a hotel room for the night. We resorted to selling our blood plasma on three different occasions, raising over $100 each…Anyways, we ended up getting a great deal on some 100 level tickets and booking a cheap hotel through Groupon. While the Blazers ended up getting blown out in the game, I would still do it all over again plasma donation and all.” 

Incredible commitment to watch a game of sport. 

What would you actually do or sell to watch your team?


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