AUSTRALIA’S AWESOME SURFING FOURSOME- girls, you’ll like the bodies in this one

We are over halfway in the 2014 surfing calendar.
The 6th ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) event was held last weekend in Eastern Cape, South Africa and in case you missed it, Australia’s Mick Fanning was the victor at the J-Bay Open.
The man from Penrith, is the defending World Champion and he won this event in style, edging out his compatriot and good mate, Joel Parkinson in rather placid waves…just 6-8 feet of placidness.
Not only was it an all Australian final, it was all Aussies in the last four with Joel Parkinson taking on Matt Wilkinson and winning the ‘son’ at the end of your surname battle, while Fanning got it all right when he beat Owen Wright.
Jeffreys Bay is a marine sanctuary, meaning the surfers couldn’t use jet ski’s to assist them at all, making it even tougher, in the big swell.
Parkinson took nine waves, while Fanning surfed seven times and was victorious 17 points to 13.60.
For people not completely familiar with surfing rules, you may surf as many waves as you like and your two highest waves are used in your final score. Waves are scored from  0.5 – 10, with 10 naturally being the highest. A 0.5 is given if you simply stand up. If you complete two manoeuvres on a wave, you will generally score a 5.
It was Fanning’s third J-Bay victory and he is now not too far behind Brazilian leader, Gabriel Medina.
The next event is the Billabong Pro in Tahiti on 15th August, 2014 where another Australian and an old boy from school, Adrian Buchan, is the defending champion. Buchan’s father was actually even my rugby coach when I was 12 years old.
Here are some incredible surfing highlights from last weekend.
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