This is the most open NRL competition in a long time. Manly should be the clear favourites, but they are likely to implode any day now. I’m going to stick my neck out right now and say the 2014 Premiers will be the Melbourne Storm.

16. Canberra (Down 1)- There is certainly a Sticky situation happening down in Raider nation.

15. Cronulla (Up 1)- One of the best wins of the year. There haven’t been too many, so not that hard to compare.

14. Newcastle- #oneweektoolate But better late than never.

13. Gold Coast (Down 2)- This was almost a must win game. And it was almost a win. Chalk this game in that ‘almost won’ column which will turn the coaches hair a different shade.

12. Wests Tigers (Down 3)- This team is like a 2 1/2 year old child. Sometimes you love them and other times you know why it’s called the terrible twos.

11. St George (Down 1)- it was definitely Christmas in July for the Saints. They asked for a win and Santa dropped off Gareth Widdop, wrapped in Dragons and England, red and white.

10. NZ (Down 3)- They played at Mt Smart stadium, but without Shaun Johnson, they didn’t look to smart.

9. Parramatta (Up 4)- Hayne is apparently  a “f@*cking arrogant prick” according to Nate Myles. Well, when you score 50m individual tries to win the game, I think you can afford to be a bit cocky.

8. Brisbane (Down 2)- The Griffin is gone and playing in the ninth month of the year could be a myth as well.

7. North Queensland (Up 3)- One of the worst performed teams all year is suddenly making a play for finals football. They hadn’t won a game on the road until last week and now they are eating at roadside diners toasting another victory away from the Townsville area.

6. Roosters (Down 1)- Were beaten in one of the biggest upsets of the year. SBW has a sore thumb now to compound matters. Was this loss just a hiccup or is this chook a bit raw?

5. Canterbury (Down 2)- The Dogs need to get a Navman, get Google Maps or even just find a Gregory’s. They have lost their way and need to get back on track very quickly.

4. Melbourne (Up 4)- Melbourne is known for its coffee. The beans down there look like they will be perfect soon.

3. Penrith (Down 1)- Caught in the jaws of a Wobbegong Shark. Not many teams have been caught in these jaws this year and the two loses to the Sharks this season could really haunt this team come September.

2. Souths (Up 2)- Glory glory to…injuries. Injuries are starting to enter this team at the wrong time of the year. Will another campaign be derailed like the monorail?

1. Manly- They are like Family Feud. It’s the players v management and Geoff Toovey is Grant Denyer, the host in the middle. Somehow they are atop the NRL!

Here are the highlights from the Titans v Eels game, showcasing Jarryd Hayne at his finest. His long distance try is one of the best you will see.



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