FLASH BACK FRIDAY- Arthur Tunstall v Eric Hollingsworth

MEDIA RELEASE: Eric Hollingsworth is almost 50 Shades Grey of Arthur Tunstall

Eric Hollingsworth wanted some attention and he’s got it. He hired a PR company to distribute his media release and the PR company should get another months retainer as they’ve done their job. They’ve got him plenty of coverage and a complimentary plane ride from Europe, which is something I’ve never achieved for any of my clients. From my own PR background, I’d actually be interested in seeing the report they prepare at the end of the month and how they value the success of their campaign!
Imagine if Arthur Tunstall had used a PR company back in 1994 at the Commonwealth Games when Cathy Freeman won her race and took an Aboriginal flag along with the Australian flag on her victory lap?
We’re not comparing apples with apples here, we’re comparing plums with plums.
When I win my next gold medal, I’ll be carrying around an Australian flag together with a Sharks and Chargers flag, because it’s not like they’ll ever get a chance to be taken on a victory lap.
When the lights went out in the Super Bowl a few years ago, the head groundsmen went straight home and worked on his resume. I think Hollingsworth will be firing up his PC, at his own team camp and working on his CV too.
My Flash Back Friday moment is of Cathy Freeman competing, not at the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games, but at the Stawell Gift, in Victoria. I know it’s not Easter time, when this is run, but it’s an amazing race. She starts from scratch and is 30m behind at one stage. Watch what happens down the stretch. She even gets a hit Mike Tyson would be proud of. Who knows what flag she carried around after this victory.

2 thoughts on “FLASH BACK FRIDAY- Arthur Tunstall v Eric Hollingsworth

    • Amazing run! It is funny that no-one is claiming they did the PR. First time that’s happened in PR world!

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