This comp is still even. Whoever finishes top four will have their work cut out for them in September.
Here are my power rankings after week 21:

16. Canberra- They played at GIO stadium last week. All I know is that they have an IOU to their fans.

15. Newcastle (down 1)- It might be “debatable” if Souths can win the competition, but it’s not debatable that Souths demolished Newcastle.
14. Cronulla (up 1)- They were beaten by one man. I know there was an illusion that there were 12 other people playing against the team from the Shire, but it was just Jarryd Hayne who tore through them like a Shark through water.
13. Gold Coast- This team certainly isn’t doing somersaults or Cartwright’s at the moment.
12. Tigers- The Tigers were seen down at Flight Centre in Balmain preparing their mad Monday.
11. Dragons- They have promise. They’re still in with a chance of finals footy, but I think there’s more chance of Wayne Bennet coaching them next season.
10. Broncos (down 2)- They always just lose. They’re playing decent footy but just can’t get over the line. They’re a bit like Sergio Garcia. Now I’ve said that, he’ll win the US PGA this weekend.
9. Bulldogs (down 4)- This team is playing a game of snakes and ladders and they keep sliding down the snakes.
8. Eels (up 1)- This team is running into real form. I’ve said that before about Parra, so hope they don’t make me eat my words. They have one player, but he’s pretty damn handy. 
7. Warriors (up 3)- Their star playmaker isn’t even back yet from injury. They have their easiest game of the year coming up- against the Sharks at home. I bet the Warriors lose.
6. Cowboys (up 1)- A late charge for the semis. Fancy that. If they don’t make it to the finals, I’m sure they’ll blame the ‘Sydney conspiracy’.
5. Roosters (up 1)- They haven’t peaked yet, which is good. But they might want to start getting to peak stage fairly soon.
4. Melbourne- The perfect you know what is brewing. 
3. Penrith- No halfback. No Wallace. No worries. There appears to be a strength and unity to this team no-one knows about it. They aren’t fancy. But they could be David as they play Goliath down the track.
2. South Sydney- Is this the Bunnies from 2012 and 2013 or are they a new team. Time will only answer this. Are they the new chokers of the comp, taking over from the Sharks?
1. Manly- It was super hero round and this team is just a super hero team. With the Northern beaches eroding, they still win. 

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