Rory McIlroy should get a new sponsor- Dark and Stormy.

What an incredible win by an incredibly young and sensational golfer, Rory McIlroy in the US PGA.
It was almost night time when McIlroy sunk his final putt to claim his fourth Major Golf title.
In scenes rarely seen, the final pair hit up onto the green of the group in front of them as light faded quickly and further storms brewed.
Phil Mickelson had a chip shot for eagle to tie the lead on the last hole and it missed by the barest of margins. McIlroy then had two putts, in the dark to win and he did. He could have waited until the morning to putt out, to ensure he won, but instead chose not to.
Phil was filthy about the group behind them playing up. It wasn’t a comp at your local golf course, it was a Major. It may have got darker and made it even harder for Rory to play his shots, which is completely in the rules. I can understand why Mickelson was upset. He is a competitor.
At 25, McIlroy has won a few majors on the trot and has really stamped his authority on the game. At 25 years of age, I had just broken up with girl. Same as Rory. I was travelling the world. Same as Rory. I was drinking dark and stormy cocktails and lifting cups to my mouth with more frequency than Rory has won tournaments. Rory just wins tournaments in dark and stormy conditions and lifts cups to his mouth which are silver coated. 
Congratulations Rory McIlroy. Take a bow.


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