Souths and North Queensland showed some authority in the weekend just passed. Incredible win by the bun buns, but can they do it again when it really counts? The Tigers were/are horrible, but the Cowboys are certainly rising in confidence. 

Here are my power rankings after week 22: 

16. Canberra – They tried hard. Wonder if Ricky can get into Parliament House and try and sort out his football team’s woes.  

15. Cronulla (down 1)- Like the kid at speech night who doesn’t have they best grades, the Sharks get the ‘Effort’ award.  

14. Gold Coast (down 1)- A week of turmoil and emotion. They hung in this game and didn’t look too Searley. 

13. Wests Tigers (down 1)- Mick Potter needs to borrow Harry’s wand to get out of the pickle he and his team are in.  

12. Newcastle (up 3)- They’ve been believing in miracles for a while now up in Newcastle and another miracle came true. Down by 10 points, 3 minutes left and they somehow won!  

11. St George Illawarra – It’s time to start talking about ‘mathematics’. You know what this means Dragons fans.  

10. Canterbury (down 1)- I would hate to play the dogs next week. Hasler would have said words to this team which may have started with most letters of the alphabet and possibly been some part of a woman’s body. 

9. Brisbane (up 1)- Beautiful one half better the next. Stunning performance from the Broncos.  

8. Parramatta – It’s almost getting boring so I’ll save the pain and just say Hayne did it again.  

7. NZ- You often play to the level of your competition. They got the job done. That is all. Tick. Two more points. 

6. Melbourne (down 2) – One of the worst losses this club has been through. They’ve conjured wins in the past they shouldn’t have and now they’ve received a dose of their own medicine. Doesn’t taste very nice does it?!  

5. North Queensland (up 1) – Um… Wow. It doesn’t matter who you are playing, to rack up 60 points in the NRL is a huge effort. This team isn’t a bunch of cowboys. They are the real deal.  

4. Roosters (up 1)- They’ve got the team to defend their title. They just don’t have the form at the moment. Let’s hope they can put a Mini effort in for one of their favourite sons. 

3. Penrith – These fellas aren’t going anywhere. They’re like the Franklin’s of the grocery world. Completely no frills but their play isn’t going “down down”.  

2. Souths – The atmosphere was horrible at the SCG but the Bunnies performance was electric. Controlled and sensible play. Souths fans refuse to say anything at the moment in case they jinx their team but they are all feeling confident.  

1. Manly – They finally lost. Unlike the TV show, they aren’t Lost though. 


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