GLORY GLORY TO…Grand Final preview

It’s 80 minutes from holding a trophy up or holding a schooner up for Mad Monday, for one team.

Congratulations South Sydney and Canterbury on making this year’s decider. (The Sharks were one drug test, one urinal photo and one topless waiter away from being there too).

Last week I picked both games incorrectly and through this whole semi final campaign I have picked only one game correctly- Canterbury beating Melbourne.

I am coming into picking the Grand Final winner with no recent history of success.

Canterbury have played better footy in the last month. They’re performance against Melbourne was the performance of the year. They can’t finish off a team though and unless they start to take correct options and score points, Souths will make them punish. When Souths get a roll on they are magic to watch.

Let’s analyse quickly who will win.

Why Souths will win:

They are a confidence team. When their cotton tails are up they are simply unstoppable.

Grand Finals are won in the forwards, which everyone knows. Souths have forwards. About 5 on the field at anyone time, surprisingly enough and they are the real deal. They’re tough and quick. When they get moving they just don’t stop.

Do you remember what Ben Kennedy did to Parramatta in 2001? It wasn’t Andrew Johns, it was BK who destroyed the ‘unbeatable’ Eels and this is where Souths can win this game.

Souths wingers just know how to finish and somehow plant the ball inside the corner post. They’ve got a kid who probably still has acne, on one wing and the other fella is so old he probably has kids of his own who are at the age where they get pimples (if you do have pimples use Skin B5, an all natural formula which gets you results. They may or may not be a new client of mine).

Lote brings experience and this is invaluable in a game of this magnitude.

By the way they also have a future Hall of Famer wearing the number 1 jersey. Inglis can score from anywhere on the field.

Why Canterbury will win:

They are Canterbury. They are grubs and have decades of tradition in this area.

The Melbourne game was a perfect example. They played like the Warren Ryan coached teams of the 80’s. Slow play the balls, giving away penalties on purpose for lying on the man in the tackle.

I expect Canterbury to do exactly the same again today. I think the first 20 minutes could see the most number of penalties ever blown in a grand final.

Canterbury just need to slow South Sydney down.

The kicking game of the halves is where the Dogs can win. Like the great Jack Gibson said to Sterlo many years ago- kick to the seagulls. If they kick to open space, they will win the game. I can even see them kicking dead on purpose, just to reset their defensive line, although it will be a zero tackle.

I’m not going for either team and want a close grand final in the most open competition in the last two decades.

The Rabbitohs have matured as a team and have the state behind them.

The blue and whites have a wiley coach, the best ball playing forwards in the competition and halves who have won an Origin.

Experience counts.

Canterbury win 18-16.


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