Friday funnies: And the numpty of the week is…

Some very funny footage here!


GiroYou have to wonder at the particular brand of knuckle-headedness that governs cycling.

This week, at the Giro d’Italia, there was a positive story to be had. Not the failed drug test kind of positive but a solid gold good news story. Worthy of a Chariots of Fire soundtrack. That good.

The scene opens on Aussie cyclist Richie Porte. He’s a serious contender, in third place overall, 22 seconds behind the leader Alberto Contador. He’s done 193 kilometres of the 200-kilometre 10th stage when he gets a puncture.

His support car is nowhere to be seen. He’s losing precious time. His entire race could be over.

Cue Vangelis. Suddenly Simon Clarke, a fellow Aussie from a rival team, stops. He takes the front wheel off his own bike. And gives it to Porte.

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