The Hussey brothers are up against each other today in the final of the most successful season of the Big Bash League, yet. 

The MCG attracted 80, 000 people a few weeks back and who’s to say this won’t happen again. 

David Hussey leads the Melbourne Stars while his brother Mike will line up for the Sydney Thunder. 

The Stars might be aligning for the Hussy family, but where there’s lightning, there’s thunder! 

This 5th season of BBL has been like no other. A few performances have caused people to blush, new talent has been harnessed, Channel 10 have been rewarded for their faith with amazing viewer numbers and most importantly, people are loving the product and crowds are enormous. 

Kids are watching cricket again; an expression I thought I wouldn’t say again. The atmosphere of T20 is made by the children dancing and singing. The bar lines are empty and the ice cream lines are long and cricket is working again. 

Take a bow Cricket Australia. This format is the most successful sport in the country. 

Good luck to both teams today in the final! It will be a cracker! 

I predict a Thunder win- rain, hail or shine. 


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