About Us

Nowinsport is a UK-based website that came into being when I (Arthur) and Ans, golfers in Scotland decided to benefit others from their experience of golf.

In our careers, we always faced difficulty picking the best equipment according to our price range and playing abilities. We spent grands choosing the wrong equipment that cost us the whole game.

We wished there were any buying guide trends back in the days but now in this area of Google everything we buy, things have become a lot easier and we can spend wisely.

Well, it’s getting a little longer so let me come back to the main point from where we started.
We experienced this whole thing and decided to write buying guides and review a few golf products so golf lovers can benefit from our experience.

As Don January said,
The better you putt, the bolder you play.

And as we all know, better equipment brings better games.

Nowinsport focuses on the needs of golfers and we help beginners and pros choose the best golf equipment according to their needs. We review golf balls, golf irons, rangefinders, golf wedges, golf drivers, and golf bags.

We can expand on more equipment but recently we have been providing these limited ones.

In order to give our first-hand opinions, we test all the products we review. Moreover, we have a team of writers with vast experience in golf or sports, who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Our goal is to provide you with content that helps you improve your game, choose the right equipment and lower your handicap.